The Promoter

The promoter of this stunning project is Carlos Bay Development Ltd and the person at the driver's seat is Dev Ramnah, a lawyer who spent a decade in the Mauritian Parliament occupying high positions in the hierarchy of State.

Now a developer, Dev stands among the most respected real estate promoters in the country with several high end projects completed and delivered during the last 10 years. The two outstanding ones remain Carlos Bay I, an award winner RES development sold out, built and delivered to its foreign buyers in 2016 and Ebene Square, a mixed use development located in the heart of the business district of Ebene. With its 60 luxurious apartments and convenience shops at the ground floor, this project is the first of its kind developed in this part of the country.

The promoter's concern is not only for details and high quality finish but more importantly it is client's satisfaction and personal touch with buyers that guide him throughout.

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